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Fair Housing Statement at Margarita Summit we believe that our residents always deserve to be treated fairly. As an equal opportunity housing provider, Margarita Summit provides housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, familial status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

Rental applications must be processed simultaneously on all prospective leaseholders 18 years of age and older. A NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee must be paid for each applicant 18 years of age and older.  All applications for residency will be evaluated using the following criteria:


Identification A valid government photo ID is required for all applicants and occupants 18 years of age and older.  The final approval of applications requires all applicants to provide a valid, government-issued photo identification prior to move in. All applicants must provide one or more of the following in addition to a government-issued photo ID:

Valid Social Security Card


Permanent Resident Card


Occupancy Maximum number of persons per apartment: (5) person maximum in a 2-bedroom floorplan and (7) person maximum in a 3-bedroom  floorplan. In the event of a change in household/family status impacting the number of occupants, residents will have until the expiration of the lease term to transfer to the appropriate apartment or vacate to comply with occupancy limits.


Income Applicant(s) must be able to provide proof of income that is lawful, verifiable income paid directly to a tenant or to a representative of a tenant, or paid to a housing owner or landlord on behalf of a tenant, including federal, state or local public assistance, and federal, state or local housing subsidies, including, but not limited to, federal housing assistance vouchers issued under section 8 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 (income from an OCCUPANT ONLY will not be included).  Income verification must be provided prior to the final approval and meet the following criteria:


      Total household gross monthly income must be at least three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent responsibility

Examples of income include, but are not limited to; wages, salaries, tips, social security benefits, retirement, pension, child support or alimony payments, qualified housing assistance, scholarships and grants.

Savings and brokerage accounts in applicants name may be considered in lieu of active employment with verification of bank balances totaling at least three times the annual rent.


Proof of Income: Written Proof of income must be provided in one or more of the following forms:

Two recent pay stubs from current employer with YTD

Offer letter from employer with prior year W2

LES most recent

Self Employed: Two most recent complete Federal income tax returns (signed), if sole proprietor, include two most recent Federal Schedule C indicating self-employment income; if corporation or partnership attach two most recent K-1 statements showing owner share of cash distributions from your business and two months bank statements showing deposited income supporting tax return.

Cash reserves: Copies of three most current statements from at least one banking or investment institution showing cash reserves or direct deposits.

Award letter from school financial office

Court orders alimony or child support payments with proof of payments

Vouchers administrated by qualifying public housing agencies

Proof of government payments (e.g. welfare, disability, social security, etc.)

Proof of retirement income (pay stub or 1040 or 1040A tax forms)


Consumer Credit Report the community uses an independent credit reporting agency, RealPage Inc. to obtain and evaluate your consumer credit report. Your consumer credit report contains information about you and your credit experiences, including but not limited to such items as your bill-payment history, the number and type of accounts that you have had late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the age of your accounts. RealPage Inc. may also obtain, review and evaluate other relevant criteria about you, including but not limited to information regarding any judgement in an unlawful detainer action that was previously entered against you as well as previous and current rental history where available. Based on the information you provided, an evaluation of your consumer credit report and any other relevant criteria, RealPage Inc. applies a score to your application.  Based on the score received your application will either “pass”, “pass with conditions” which will require an additional security deposit as permitted to be paid; or “fail”.  If RealPage Inc. makes a recommendation of “fail” or “pass with conditions”, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of RealPage Inc. and of the consumer reporting agencies that provided your consumer information to RealPage Inc., as well as other information required by law. Please refer to the Online Application Terms and Conditions for your specific rights under federal law with respect to your consumer credit report.

Rental History Only verifiable rental history from a landlord, Apartment Community or Mortgage Company will be considered. Acceptable rental history equals one year in most recent residency, should not include; more than (3) late payments, more than (1) NSF check, more than (1) documented disturbance, with no; legal notice(s) issued, police calls, prior evictions or asked to leave for cause. First time renters with no prior rental history will be considered as acceptable.

Disturbances related to domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault where applicant was the victim will not be counted against applicant for purpose of determining whether applicant meets the property’s rental history standards.

Additional security deposit will be required on any rental history not verifiable, excluding first time renters, any previous “rental property” debt paid off and verified not over $1000.00, no required 30-day notice given to previous landlord and/or maximum of (6) late payments. If applicant has a history of (2) or more NSF checks – no personal checks or ACH payments will be accepted for the term of the occupancy – certified funds only.

Co-Signers Co-Signers or guarantors are not accepted in this community.

Pets and Animals Cats, dogs (maximum weight limit of 60 lbs., breed and age restrictions apply), birds and small reptiles are allowed, with a maximum of (2) pets per apartment, pet(s) must not be a potential nuisance or danger to neighbors (no excessively barking dogs, no loud birds, etc.). Pet must be brought to the office for introduction and acceptance. An additional deposit and monthly pet rent will apply to all approved pets.

Special consideration will be given to Assistive Animals with supporting documentation and an approved Accommodation Request by management prior to the animal residing in the apartment. Breed restrictions, weight limit, additional deposits and pet rent do not apply. Landlord does reserve the right to require reasonable rules of conduct for approving an Accommodation Request.

All Pet and Assistive Animal owners will be requested to complete an “Animal Application” providing proof of the animal(s) breed, age, core vaccines and a valid dog license. We do not allow "visiting" pets, any pet in the apartment that is not authorized through a pet agreement is a direct breach of your lease agreement.

Smoking and Vaping All use of tobacco products involving smoking, burning or combustion of tobacco including vaping is not permitted in the common areas of the community, including parking lot, garages, pools, laundry and fitness areas. If this is a smoke free community, you will be asked to sign a Non-Smoking Addendum and any smoking/vaping on the community or in the apartment will be a direct breach of your lease agreement.


Renter’s Insurance Renter’s insurance is required as a condition of residency with a minimum liability coverage of $100,000.  Personal property coverage is not required but recommended.


Declined Applications (If any of the following apply, the application will be denied);

A “fail” score on consumer credit report

Unable to provide a valid government issued photo ID

Falsification of the application

Anyone with an outstanding unpaid rental debt

If the bank returns the application fee or holding deposit check

Anyone having an unsatisfied monetary judgment currently pending against them

Bankruptcy filing that has not been dismissed or discharged

Application that is not fully completed to meet management standards

Anyone listed on the Rental History Exclusion list

Proof of verifiable income has not been submitted

Anyone who is currently engaged in the illegal use of controlled substances


Refund Policy Your required holding deposit is refundable within 72 hours of the date/time of your application, should you decide to cancel. Holding deposits are refundable should your application be denied based on our rental criteria. Holding deposits are non-refundable should you cancel after 72 hours or if we cancel you after 72 hours for not submitting a completed application with required documents for the approval process.

Landlord and Applicant Interactions: A courteous and businesslike attitude is required from all applicants and prospective tenants.  We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who is verbally abusive, swears or uses profanity, is disrespectful, belligerent, makes threats, is argumentative, displays violent behavior, demeaning speech or treatment of landlord or landlord’s agent or to one another if more than one applicant or in general displays an attitude during the application process that causes management to believe we would not have a positive landlord and tenant relationship.

In order to be approved for rental, Applicant must complete all forms and provide all documentation requests without amending or deleting any information from the provided documents and forms.  Applicant may not choose to apply any of the additional security deposit options in place of providing the requested information and/or documents. Applicant will be considered to have falsified information if applicant states that they do not have information such as, but not limited to, Social Security number, copy of Government ID and historical financial and/or rental history when Applicant has knowledge of such information.

To promptly process your application, the above items must be presented within 48 hours of reserving your apartment.  If the information is not provided to us within this timeframe, we may return the apartment to an available to lease status and your Holding Deposit may be retained by management and become subject to charges equal to the prorated amount of the daily market rent for the time that the